How We Sell Highly Sought-After Releases

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Some of the brands that we stock at Nickolls & Perks have garnered an impressive following over the years. With great global demand for such products, it is often the case that the allocation we receive will be limited and not sufficient to please all those enquiring to purchase.

In order to give everyone as fair a chance as possible, we have set extra rules in place around how we sell such bottles online and in-store. On occasions when these measures have been put in place, we will announce this on our social media, including a link to this blog post to clarify exactly how we sell on the day.

Read on for full details on what to expect when purchasing these limited releases at Nickolls & Perks.

In-Store Only

We believe support local works both ways, and with local customers supporting us for over two centuries, many of the highly sought-after releases we stock will initially be available in-store only. Bottles sold via this method will clearly be marked as such on our social media and our website.


  • No cash sales
  • One bottle available per household – this will apply to everything released on the day
    • For example: if it is a Springbank release day and we are selling multiple expressions of Springbank/Longrow/Hazelburn, only one bottle from the entire collection will be permitted for the household, not one bottle of each expression
  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude
    • Unfortunately, there have been occasions where customers have behaved unacceptably on the day, both in blatant disregard of the rules and poor attitude to our staff. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from future launches
  • First come first served
    • We will not reserve bottles and those first in the queue will be prioritised

Online Ballots

For products where our stock is exceptionally limited, we may sell our allocation by way of online ballot. On such occasions, we will add a link to the ballot via the product page on our website and our social media.

Our ballots are verified both by software and manually by a member of the Nickolls & Perks team, removing any duplicate or suspicious entries. If you are successful, you will usually receive a confirmation email within around one week of the close of the ballot. Following this, a member of the Nickolls & Perks team will contact winners directly to confirm payment details and method of distribution.

Nickolls & PerksHow We Sell Highly Sought-After Releases

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