Glenglassaugh Evolution

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Glenglassaugh Evolution

 Glenglassaugh Evolution ex-Tennessee Cask Matured

How did this newly-released whisky sample find us and what did we think of it?

Some divine intervention is witnessed with the Glenglassaugh Evolution product launch today as my best mate Mart having required sustenance after hearing his dad had been taken ill found this dram to be of great comfort indeed…
We had been expecting the sample dram to hit the office at any time and were grateful that it turned up.
The guys (Stuart & Ronnie) at Glenglassaugh had begun the specialized Wood Aged Malts with a previous releasing of a darker coloured 3 year old called ’Revival’,  which was surprisingly good.  (Click on the pictures above and below for further details and to buy)

Glenglassaugh Revival

We contacted Glenglassaugh’s Ronnie Routledge recently to tell us more about the Evolution – we really look forward to seeing him again at The Midlands Whisky Festivals in 2013.

Who thought of it?

“Stuart (Nickerson) and I were looking at random samples from early 2009 stocks across a range of cask styles. The George Dickel, ex-Tennessee casks had already impressed us, hence the 1 year old Spirit: Fledgling XB.  The Dickel samples were amazing and we thought we’ve got to let consumers try this, so we came up with the “Evolution” label. Other cask styles were also very impressive so watch this space.!!!”

How does it fit into plans going forward…..will it remain core range will it EVOLVE further?

“Evolution is a label that we will continue with but always for small batch releases where the wood style will change for each expression, so in future we will possibly release a sherry expression, perhaps a red wine maturation, or other wine style. We will launch a peated evolution in 2013 but  are not sure yet which style of wood we will opt for; perhaps American barrels again as it suits our spirit, we’ve yet to assess samples to be fair.”

Looks paler than the come ?

“Revival was a mix of wood styles, including a small amount of red wine matured, them when it was vatted together, it was returned to oloroso butts to finish for 6 months so quite a bit darker. The ex-Tennessee casks used for Evolution are much paler in colour. Both Revival and Evolution are natural colour, as are all our products.”

Big Mart & Dave Tasting Notes:

Is it a Big Tasting whisky? Is it a Fightin’ whisky? Is it a luuuvin’ Whisky?

Colour:  Light in scheme of things and defo lighter than the Glenglassaugh REVIVAL (3YO 46% abv)we’d previously demolished a week earlier.

Nose:  Butterscotch heaven with edgy pine needles flying across the sensory scape. Fresh oak gives vanilla and soft smoke with kid leather.

Taste: Wooooow! Immediate rush of dram delight with the first heap of crunchable barley that pit stops the bourbon character momentarily before the oak splices in.

Finish:  Is on and on and then some……We’re all over this Glenglassaugh EVOLUTION, it has taken to the G Dickle cask extremely well and the oak does not overpower the barley malt at all……Result:  It’s a Big Tasting Whisky.

Nickolls & PerksGlenglassaugh Evolution

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