Flavours of the Grain…March

Though Whisky has been revived as a specialist field for several years now down at the Ye Olde Corner Shoppe in Stourbridge, the arrival of beer is definitely hot off the press.

Bottlings from Sammy Smith’s Tadcaster Brewery and Brew Dog proved popular enough with festive revellers but we wanted to explore the current fascination with micro breweries, So we took a trip the local Saddler’s of Oz Clark and James May fame.

Originally Established in 1900, brewing was stopped in 1927, though the passion remained in the family and was resurrected in 2004, 77 years after Thomas Saddler pulled his last pint. Seven years on their Lye based brew house is running to full capacity. There are three styles available in bottle. Thin Ice(£1.95) a zesty light Pale Ale, Worcester Sorcerer(£2.10), a traditional Amber Bitter with  nutty warming flavours,  and Mud City Stout(£2.50), beautifully dark and Malty.

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