A Spotlight on… Port

Portuguese wines of all styles have been getting a lot of attention recently, so in the run-up to Christmas we thought it prudent to refamiliarise our customers with the nation’s most iconic wine: Port. Port has been beloved by British drinkers ever since the early 18th century when wars with France forced them to look elsewhere for their tipple, while … Read More

AdministratorA Spotlight on… Port

1983 Vintage Ports

1983 Vintage Ports, now over 30 years old are fully mature, so which houses have full-filled their predicted potential? We had a very enjoyable evening tasting eleven of those which declared, hosted by Alan Cutler, the Black Country’s leading authority on fortified wines, at Stourbridge’s Old Edwardian Club. The quality of the vintage has generally been considered second to the … Read More

Administrator1983 Vintage Ports