English Wines for the New Year

In the past few years, English wines have finally started to receive the recognition they deserve. It all started with the well-earned awards success of a few sparkling wines, mostly from Sussex and Surrey. These bubbles sparked a wider interest in wines from all over the country, with regions such as East Anglia, the Southwest, and even the Midlands emerging … Read More

AdministratorEnglish Wines for the New Year

Champagne Palmer & Co. ‘One of Champagne’s Greatest Cooperatives’

‘One of Champagne’s greatest cooperatives’– Tom Stevenson Author of: The World Encyclopaedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine, and The Annual Champagne and Sparkling Wine Guide The production and distribution of quality champagne can be a highly complicated process, particularly when it comes to the relationship between the wine growers and the large champagne houses or most recognised brands. To facilitate … Read More

AdministratorChampagne Palmer & Co. ‘One of Champagne’s Greatest Cooperatives’