Staying Ahead of 2018’s Wine Trends with Nickolls and Perks

Who could have predicted the inexorable rise of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Argentinian Malbec? Have you ever wondered if you could anticipate the next big thing in wine? Well the hugely popular Danish app Vivino is trying to do just that. With over a million wines and several million subscribers, Vivino is one of the world’s largest online wine … Read More

AdministratorStaying Ahead of 2018’s Wine Trends with Nickolls and Perks

Bargains from the Nickolls & Perks February Sale

After Christmas, winter is just awful. Dark, cold, and out of pocket, many of us were paid before Christmas and took a real hit buying presents. So how to lubricate the long dark nights when your pockets contain little more than lint? Well, the Nickolls and Perks famous February Sale of course! As more of a broke wine drinker than … Read More

AdministratorBargains from the Nickolls & Perks February Sale

The Dram Tour: Switzerland and France


Previously, our journey around what we can generally describe as “other interesting places to find distilleries than the usual suspects” touched on Swedish whiskies. So where’s next for the dram tour? Well, I suppose this is where things get interesting, as there aren’t a huge number of what you’d be able to carve up as whisky regions – though if … Read More

AdministratorThe Dram Tour: Switzerland and France

English Wines for the New Year

In the past few years, English wines have finally started to receive the recognition they deserve. It all started with the well-earned awards success of a few sparkling wines, mostly from Sussex and Surrey. These bubbles sparked a wider interest in wines from all over the country, with regions such as East Anglia, the Southwest, and even the Midlands emerging … Read More

AdministratorEnglish Wines for the New Year

The Dram Tour: Sweden

There’s a whole world out there, as the cliché goes, and in it, there is a lot of whisky being made. This isn’t even remotely a new fad, either, but it’s worth saying that in the last decade the whisky landscape has changed dramatically. There are some brilliant distilleries producing well-made spirits, many of which have been winning top honours … Read More

AdministratorThe Dram Tour: Sweden

Just Gin Show Returns for 2018

Just Gin Show is back for its third year at the Stourbridge Town Hall, on Saturday 28 July 2018 for two sessions, presenting you with dozens of new gins, masterclasses, mini-seminars and a whole load of juniper-y gin sampling. 2018 will see a record number of gin producers in attendance at the venue, with a plethora of different styles and … Read More

AdministratorJust Gin Show Returns for 2018

New Year, New Distilleries

Waterford Distillery

As we say goodbye to 2017 it’s natural to have one eye on the years ahead. So in the world of whisky what does that mean? One thinks of casks sleeping in warehouses, or perhaps future releases. But what about the distilleries themselves? The landscape of whisky changes daily, and the UK and Ireland have some fascinating new places that … Read More

AdministratorNew Year, New Distilleries

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – 2017 Releases ballot

The incredibly coveted American whiskeys from the 2017 Antique Collection by Buffalo Trace have returned for another year. As we did at the beginning of this year, we’ll be putting 100% of our allocation into a ballot to give as many of you as possible the chance to get your hands on a bottle. If you’re reading this blog there’s … Read More

AdministratorBuffalo Trace Antique Collection – 2017 Releases ballot

Sparkling Wines for the Festive Season

On one magical day of every year, it is considered socially acceptable – necessary, even – to drink Champagne in the morning. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. At this time of the day, the wine falls into its classic function as an aperitif; not just to whet the appetite for the day’s overeating, but indeed to whet … Read More

AdministratorSparkling Wines for the Festive Season

Red Wines for the Christmas table

Choosing a wine to pair with a crowded meal can be very complicated and, for some, anxiety-inducing. Pile on the added pressure applied to the annual Christmas dinner and it’s enough to give any armchair sommelier a heart attack. But this needn’t be the case. The best answer to some food and wine pairing questions is the simplest: go with … Read More

AdministratorRed Wines for the Christmas table