Flavours of the Grain…March

Though Whisky has been revived as a specialist field for several years now down at the Ye Olde Corner Shoppe in Stourbridge, the arrival of beer is definitely hot off the press. Bottlings from Sammy Smith’s Tadcaster Brewery and Brew Dog proved popular enough with festive revellers but we wanted to explore the current fascination with micro breweries, So we … Read More

AdministratorFlavours of the Grain…March

Flavours of the Grape…March

I have heard it said by many a nostalgic winetrader -‘Its not like the old days’- referring to the fun and games had by members of the wine trade in the sixties and seventies. Tasting invitations too numerous to RSVP, long lunches turning into early dinners, and more business concluded no doubt as a result!. Has it really changed all … Read More

AdministratorFlavours of the Grape…March

Spring Wines

With the Spring just around the corner we will soon be munching on leafy green salads and all sorts of lighter bites so here are a few wines we recommend to compliment the seasonal change. Though there are some reds which are light enough to work well, chilled down such as the delicious Regnie Valiere (£11.75), made from the Gamay … Read More

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Wines From Southern France

  The South of France is an extra-ordinarily rich and diverse wine producing area, including the Rhone Valley, home to many well-established wines such as Chateauneuf du Pape, Hermitage and Cote Rotie. But it is the Southwestern region of Languedoc-Roussillon, which is currently so absorbing. Evidence of wine growing by the Greeks as early as the fifth century BC makes … Read More

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Champagne Morning

Champagne Morning Montagny 1er cru – Smith Woodhouse LBV Unfiltered Croox du Mont Boxing Day Turkey sandwiches   Party wines 2 light reds 2 intense reds 2 fresh whites 2 Luscious whites 2 Sparklers 1 sticky 1 port The Christmas holidays will be, perhaps more than ever this year, a welcome break from the pressures of everday life. Its a … Read More

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